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Progressive & Transfer Stamping

At Genesee A&B, Metal Forming is our core competency. It’s true that our team and facilities have expanded to include a variety of other services and solutions, but metal forming has been our foundation from the beginning and continues to be our focus.

Our metal forming services have 2 main components that we would like to highlight: Progressive Stamping and Transfer Stamping. Our clients know us for reliability and transparency, so we’d like to give you a look at how we work in both of these areas.


Progressive Stamping

For us at Genesee, every job is a custom job. Our clients come to us with designs and 3D models for their products, and our experienced team works to find the best, most cost-effective way to create those products.

Our facility includes a vast range of modern automatic presses, whose capabilities range from below 100 tons to 600 tons and cover a wide variety of thicknesses. We are able to work with both ferrous and non-ferrous metals for jobs of any volume. Custom Tooling is built per each customer's specifications alongside Genesee's own standards, tailored meticulously to yield the high quality results that have become synonymous with the Genesee name.

At the onset of every project, our team will manage the approval and sourcing of the designs. If necessary, we will utilize our international network of tooling vendors to get custom parts built to order. This versatility has enabled us to be one of the most dynamic, reliable, cost effective companies working in the precision metal products and services space in the country today!

Transfer stamping

At Genesee A&B, we have worked hard to develop a reputation for excellence and efficiency. Much of the efficiency that we have become known for stems from our processes in the area of transfer stamping operations. We are well-equipped to perform both mechanical and manual transfers in order to complete our projects. Our logistical strategies in this area stem principally from product design and volume.

We have followed this path to transfer opportunities due to it's ability to reduce costs to the products.  Our Transfer Stamping systems allow us to design the tooling to produce product with less material content than it would with traditional progressive stamping. While this is not always possible due to product design, we evaluate every product with our clients needs and satisfaction as a priority.

No matter the specifications of the order, we will be ready to spring into action with some of the most flexible, reliable, and well respected processes in the region. If you’re interested in having conversation with us about how Genesee can help your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!