Genesee A&B Company Profile

Located just East of Nashville, in Mount Juliet, Tennessee, Genesee A&B has been one of the Mid-South's sought after solutions providers for precision metal products and services for over a half century. With a long-standing and well-deserved reputation for excellence, we have an proud record of reliability and quality solutions.

After decades spent working in custom metal stamping, precision fabrication, and engineering/tooling, we at Genesee have refined our processes to be incredibly fine-tuned. We have the capability to work with the largest and most demanding O.E.M.s in the world, from any and all industries.

Our outstanding facility has been featured in Metalforming Magazine, with a focus on our ever-expanding arsenal of machinery and competencies. This growth will continue into the future as we continue to adapt, expand, and evolve in order to satisfy the needs of our partners.

  Genesee A&B as the featured story in the June '16 Edition of MFM

  Genesee A&B as the featured story in the June '16 Edition of MFM

We strive to be a single-source, life-of-the-program partner for all of our customers. From the very earliest stages of the product life cycle—inception and development—we can assist with design and prototype requirements. As products progress through their program lives, we have a dynamic production capacity and are ready to handle low and high volume orders alike with ease. Our clients are guaranteed uncompromising quality, dependable delivery, competitive pricing, along with unparralled customer service.