Prototyping. Painting. Plating. More.

We are proud of our facilities and our team, but sometimes projects simply require capabilities that are beyond our on-site scope. At Genesee Group, we strive to be a one-source, life-of-the-program partner for all of our clients, that begins with taking responsibility.

If you have needs that cannot be met by our bricks-and-mortar facility, we are 100% capable and willing to take on the challenge and solution. This will provide you with logistical ease and cost efficiency that cannot be beat. Utilizing our international network of industrial partners, we will have no trouble arranging for your needs to be met via third party vendor solutions. In doing so, we guarantee the kind of high-quality results that have become associated with the Genesee name, and we take full-responsibility for the entire process. We will be at your disposal and completely accountable to ensure that your products are delivered on-time and assembly-line-ready.

What kinds of services do our clients normally ask us to provide for them? The following are a few common examples….


We are happy to assist in creating a viable prototype to meet any and all pre-production testing requirements with third party vendor partnerships (once you have made the necessary changes to your designs, if any). From there, we will be ready to begin work on your project, with production-level processes implemented to suit your desired volume. 


At Genesee Group, we can arrange for your painting needs to be met off-site through one of our allied industrial partners. The painting will be carried out in accordance with the regulations set forth by the EPA, and delivered action-ready within your specified time frame. 


For products that will be subjected to harsher environmental conditions than a normal paint job can endure, we offer third party vendor solutions for industrial plating. As is true for all the services that we offer through corporate cooperation, we absorb the cost and guarantee the results, thereby eliminating risk and easing logistics for the client. 

And The List Goes On! 

The sorts of services that we can provide via our third party industrial partners is nearly limitless! If you have a project on the horizon that can be made easier by a precision metal products manufacturer like Genesee assuming responsibility for the periphery processes needed in order to get you to the assembly line, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. The best way to get the ball rolling is simply by reaching out and starting a conversation. We are here for you, waiting on your call.