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Genesee has been a consistent provider of high-quality metal stamping and assembly solutions for decades. Our extensive experience and industry-leading expertise blend established techniques with innovative approaches to deliver superior products with significant cost savings to our customers.

Backed by our strong management team, committed workforce, upgraded facility and a proven network of multinational industrial partners, we’re fully equipped to provide reliable and affordable solutions for a diverse range of projects. When you choose Genesee, you can trust that you will receive nothing less than the best.


We have the world-class precision metal stamping and metal fabrication services needed to get the job done – and the value-added services to take it to the next level.

We create highquality products using a wide range of modern automatic presses. Custom tooling is built to meet each customers specifications and our rigorous standards.

Utilizing both mechanical and manual transfers, we focus on product design and volume to reduce costs and material content while prioritizing our customers needs and satisfaction.

Experience precision and efficiency with our advanced automated and semiautomated assembly processes that deliver consistent quality and swift production for exceptional results.

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