Metal Stamping Solutions in Middle Tennessee


We at Genesee A&B, have provided high-quality solutions for decades. Our expertise is well respected and our services are highly sought after. With our state-of-the-art facility and our multi-national network of industrial partners, we are prepared to deliver dependable, cost efficient answers for a wide variety of projects.  As standard practice, we shoulder the responsibility for the solution and declare excellence as our only acceptable result.


We exist for your solutions.

With a wide range of automatic presses, and an experienced team of technical professionals, our capabilities in the realm of progressive stamping are far reaching. We have the facilities to reliably accommodate a wide spectrum of volume and thickness with both programmable and manual transfer processes.  Intrigued?

Our capabilities extend far beyond precision metal forming. We can add additional value and reduce cost to your products in a variety of other ways, including robotic MIG welding, robotic spot welding, robotic resistance welding, adhesion, staking, washing, inline tapping, and deburring. Why not take advantage of our versatility to increase your cost effectiveness?


looking for an experienced, highly-respected, single-source industrial partner?

We’d love to be that partner.